Better Quality

2016, from the heart of the slogan, only better.


Self innovation.
Study, only for better works.

Uphold, integrity

Uphold, integrity, discover, develop their talents,
Time, things are changing,
The company changed the faces of people skills.


Business covers
Tender program model,
Real estate sales model,
Urban planning model,
Indoor profile model,
Industry Model



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Liyuan Tang

Liyuan Tang Born in 1976 09, bachelor degree or above, major in architecture, 1994-1997 studied in the architectural design business school in Sichuan Province, 2000 served as design director Jacques Ting model.
Since 2000 to participate in supervision and communication work of many large-scale projects
Engaged in the work so far, he is able to do everything neat, be the first; he is in pursuit of perfect, strict requirements on the details of the work. Under his leadership and promotion, project work for the company rapid development and made great contributions to the development of.

Quanxiang Liao

Quanxiang Liao Born in 1972 November, is engaged in the architectural design.
1995-1999 served as a model for making technical consultant and responsible for work,
In 2000 Jacques Ting model was founded, served as general manager of the company Jacques Ting model position, and the creation of space and time in digital media studio, and planning model of production and creative design services
2000- has been with the Shenzhen and the surrounding design units, real estate partnerships, film and television animation technology make a spurt of progress in the development of.
The results were consistent high praise and recognition from customers.


Shenzhen city Jacques Ting Model Design Co. Ltd. was founded in 2000, after ten years of vicissitudes, the company from small to big, from weak to strong, both model industry veteran with tripod so far, and to continue to absorb the young the power of innovation, while maintaining the traditional business model design and manufacture, but also created a lot of new science and technology products.

The company is headquartered in Shenzhen Binhe arterial road, convenient transportation, the company set up a large multi-purpose hall, specializing in real estate marketing planning, real estate, real estate sales of film and television animation electronic horizontal book production, business covers high-tech sound, light, electricity, real, virtual, high-end Kanlou landscape system, the members of the company the industry elite, the company division is located in Shenzhen Nanshan District Xili Lake, the company covers an area of more than 3000 square meters, the company's business covers the bidding scheme model, real estate sales model, industry model, the indoor profile model, city planning model, landscape model......

The company was founded more than a decade, the spirit of "uncompromising attention to detail, a masterpiece of" spirit of enterprise, with the force of a thunderbolt, created as a rainbow, lightning, and shocking work, business, cooperation companies list, to establish a long-term strategic cooperative partnership with many well-known real estate developers.

We always with a sincere heart, professional skills, enthusiastic service to our customers and win-win cooperation! Common development!


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